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Property Tax Reduction Act


  • The Property Tax Reduction Act (H.R. 1871 – Faso) ends New York’s 50-year-old mistake that requires county property taxpayers to pay for the state’s Medicaid costs.
  • Governments in Washington and Albany determine how Medicaid is run, but New York forces counties to pay for part of its Medicaid costs.
  • No other state forces counties to share in the costs of Medicaid to the same extent as New York. In fact, New York’s counties pay more in Medicaid to New York State than all localities in the 49 other states.
  • New York’s Medicaid program currently costs more than Medicaid programs in Texas and Florida combined.
  • The Property Tax Reduction Act simply requires Albany to do what all other state governments do. It ends the mandate on counties and saves property taxpayers money.

Click here to see the savings for each county in the 19th Congressional District [ Copy&paste: https://faso.house.gov/UploadedFiles/PROPERTY_TAX_RELIEF.jpg ]

Click here to see a chart of county Medicaid costs for every county in New York [ Copy&paste: https://faso.house.gov/uploadedfiles/nyscountymedicaidcosts.pdf ]


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