Statement from Congressman John J. Faso

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Washington, D.C., March 22, 2017 | comments
“Governor Cuomo falsely represents the choices the state will face if the AHCA legislation is enacted.  The vast majority of states in the nation don’t force property taxpayers to pay a portion of the state’s cost of Medicaid. Localities across the nation are responsible for just over $9 billion in Medicaid with over $7 billion of that cost borne by local taxpayers in New York State.  This shows how out of line New York is in this regard.

Mr. Cuomo has also forgotten that Governor Mario Cuomo made a similar proposal back in the early 1990’s. 

After 51 years of poor public policy in New York State, the Faso/Collins amendment will finally force Albany and Mr. Cuomo to fix this situation. Upstate New Yorkers are being driven away from our state in droves, in part due to high local property taxes. Passage of the amendment will require Mr. Cuomo to take full responsibility for the Medicaid program, with new flexibility from the federal government. It will also require Mr. Cuomo and the legislature to cut inefficient or ineffective programs, particularly the corporate welfare of which Albany is so fond.

Mr. Cuomo’s criticism of the AHCA is also misplaced. New York Republican Congress Members fought to preserve the Medicaid expansion, which is protected thru 2019.  We also ensured that the state is reimbursed at the higher expansion payment beyond 2020 for those benefiting from the expansion.  We also fought and won greater reimbursement under Medicaid for the disabled and those residing in nursing homes. In addition, the manager’s amendment to the bill includes greater subsidy for those aged 50-64 to purchase private insurance.

The state has over two and a half years to prepare to assume the Medicaid costs from local property taxpayers.  It is high time the burden is lifted from long-suffering New York property taxpayers and I’m glad that we’re finally forcing Albany to do what it should have done years ago."

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