Statement from Rep. John J. Faso Responding to Governor Cuomo

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Washington, D.C., March 23, 2017 | comments
Washington, D.C. - Governor Cuomo's and Lieutenant Governor Hochul’s statements today regarding purported cuts to nursing homes is patently false. If ever there were an example – to use a current term – of “fake news,” this is it.

The AHCA maintains the Medicaid expansion and allows our state to enroll additional people under terms of the expansion until December 31, 2019. Thereafter, New York is reimbursed for expansion enrollees at the higher rate until they cycle off the program. Should those Medicaid enrollees return to the program, the state would receive funding according to its per-capita grant amount. None of the Medicaid changes take place until 2020 and the state will be afforded maximum flexibility to run its program without having to seek continual program amendments and waivers from Washington. Medicaid spending to support the state’s program will continue to grow, but grow at a more affordable rate.

If circumstances dictate, these decisions can be revisited in the future, but it is critical that the federal government and the states rein in Medicaid spending and reform these programs to make them more efficient and effective for patients, providers and taxpayers.

The Collins-Faso Amendment related to county share of Medicaid is long overdue as Albany and Governor Cuomo continue to ignore the plight of property taxpayers who are unfairly being burdened with costs which should be paid for by the state. Virtually every other state manages to run its Medicaid system without placing the burden on small businesses and homeowners. New York should finally do so as well.

Moreover, the “cuts” which Mr. Cuomo suggests are an intentional effort to sow fear among vulnerable populations in our state. The state has until 2020 to plan for takeover of Medicaid costs from counties and there is ample room in the state budget to cut spending by 1.5 percent to pay its fair share of Medicaid.

Governor Mario Cuomo on a number of occasions proposed ending the county share of Medicaid. It is time that Governor Andrew Cuomo come to the same conclusion.

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