Rep. Faso Calls for Continued Negotiations Toward Finalized FFMP

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Washington, May 18, 2017 | comments

Washington, D.C. – Congressman John Faso (R-Kinderhook) recently sent a letter to Delaware River Decree Party Members on the recent breakdown of negotiations on a finalized long-term Flexible Flow Management Plan (FFMP) for the waterway. The letter stressed positive reforms to benefit communities in the Upper Delaware River region and the need to avoid the reduced water releases which would occur if a deal is not struck by the May 31 deadline. 

To watch, click image above or click here. Transcript here.

“The progress that has been made toward finalizing an FFMP agreement cannot be lost due to a breakdown in communications between Decree Party Members. I hope those negotiating will come to an agreement before the May 31 deadline. If a deal cannot be made, I encourage the parties agree to a one-year extension. Reverting back to the antiquated and unfair default agreement from the 1980s is not an option," said Faso.

If the five Decree Parties cannot reach an agreement by the May 31 deadline, management of the reservoirs will revert to the 1980s management plan known as “Revision 1.” The 1983 Good Faith Agreement established the main water supply operational rules for the Delaware River Basin. The agreement included a series of reductions in releases that were designed to mitigate the impacts of drought on the water supply – with no consideration for flood control and recreational fishing.  A reversion back to this 1983 agreement would reduce releases linked to the NYC Delaware Basin reservoirs. Full reliance on Revision 1 would mean that the reservoirs would retain more water, decreasing flood-management space. Without these necessary areas, there is the potential for more frequent catastrophic downstream flooding, such as the disasters of the early 2000s.  


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