Congressman Faso Issues Statement on Paris Agreement Decision

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Washington, D.C., June 1, 2017 | comments

Washington, D.C. - Congressman John Faso (R-Kinderhook) today released the following statement in response to the administration’s decision to pursue withdrawal proceedings from the Paris COP21 agreement:

“As a member of the bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus, I support US efforts to continue promotion of innovative clean-energy solutions which will mitigate the effects of man-made climate change. As such, I believe the withdrawal of the US from the agreement is ill-advised. However, the non-binding Paris COP21 never received Senate approval, as treaties must under our Constitution. The US never ratified the Kyoto agreement yet our nation reduced CO2 emissions beyond those called for in that agreement due to the responsiveness of our market-based economy. Regardless of who is in the White House, I believe the US must continue to work to lower greenhouse gas emissions while balancing the needs of our economy. At the end of the day, economic incentives for cleaner, less-polluting energy will have a greater impact on reducing CO2 emissions than a non-binding agreement with no enforcement mechanisms.”


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