Work Week with Congressman Faso
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Our Fight to Restore the SALT Deduction

I want to support a tax reform bill, but I have consistently stated that I will only do so if a bill helps New York’s economy and lowers the taxes of all hardworking New York families. The bills passed in both the House and Senate fail to meet these requirements.

Families and successful businesses are already leaving our state due to the high state taxes and we cannot accelerate this trend. The bipartisan plan I supported to fully restore the SALT deduction and other important deductions is a common-sense fix that will help New York families and our local economy.

I am still reviewing the full details of the House and Senate negotiated tax plan over this weekend. I am likely to maintain my position against this bill, but want to study all details prior to making a decision.

Holiday for Heroes with the Red Cross

Our service members routinely spend the holiday season away from their friends and families. I joined my colleagues in writing cards to express thanks for their honorable service. Thanks to the Red Cross for organizing the Holiday for Heroes event. Also pictured in the photo below is Rep. David Young of Iowa.

Aggressive Action to Tackle the Opioid Crisis

This week, I participated in a hearing to discuss the opioid crisis and how it is negatively affecting economic development in rural areas. It’s vitally important for stakeholders to leverage every available funding stream to attack the crisis through long-term treatment and community involvement.

I’ve spoken to far too many people in Upstate New York who have had friends, family, and co-workers succumb to opioid addiction. We need to continue to take aggressive action to address this scourge.

Assuring a Free and Open Internet

I know many people are concerned about net neutrality and I support a free and open internet.

Here are more of my thoughts when asked about the issue during a live meeting earlier this week. Thousands of 19th District residents participated in the two tele-town hall meetings we conducted on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.

Honoring an American Hero from New York

I was in Rensselaer County to help honor the life and military service of Edward Leonard Pratt. Technician Fifth Grade Pratt was awarded the Silver Star for his brave actions in March of 1945, where he put himself in extreme danger to aid wounded soldiers.  

Meeting with New York League of Conservation Voters

I enjoyed meeting with members and leaders of New York League of Conservation Voters, this week. I'm with them on opposing drilling in ANWR and fighting to strengthen the Land and Water Conservation Fund.

Access to Physical Therapy through Medicare
Today, I met with the patients and staff at Columbia Physical Therapy in Valatie. The costs associated with a prolonged regiment of PT can be expensive and many patients hit a Medicare spending cap which hurts their ability to receive these cost-effective services. I am co-sponsoring bi-partisan legislation to remove these Medicare caps and am hopeful that such a law can be enacted. The staff at Columbia Physical Therapy does a great job of working with people of all ages to rehabilite injuries and educate them on how to prevent future ones.

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