Work Week with Congressman Faso
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Upcoming Veterans Resource Fairs Across the District

Unfortunately, many veterans have a difficult time getting access to the benefits that they have earned from serving their nation. In the upcoming weeks, I will be hosting three Veterans Resource Fairs in Nassau, Kingston, and Greenville. The first of these three will be held in Nassau on January 20th at the Chandler Young Veterans Association, 7 Lyons Lake Rd. Nassau, NY 12123.

The purpose of these fairs is to create a one-stop shop for whatever issue a veteran may have by bringing together professionals from multiple agencies and organizations, veteran service officers, and my staff.

More information and a full list of resource fairs are available on my website.

Reauthorizing Critical National Security Measures

This week, I supported reauthorizing national security measures, called FISA, that are critical tools in protecting the safety and security of New Yorkers. The reauthorization passed in a bipartisan fashion and the vote was not reflective of typical ideological divisions between the parties in the House.

We have made significant improvements since 9/11 in reducing the ‘siloing’ of information among intelligence agencies to prevent large-scale terrorist attacks.

These measures address previous concerns and strike the right balance between preserving Fourth Amendment protections and combating the national security threats we face on a daily basis. If a U.S. citizen were engaged in criminal activity unrelated to the FISA investigation, and their email address or cell phone number were discovered during such investigation, law enforcement would be required to obtain a warrant from a court before such new matter could be investigated.

Failure to extend the FISA Act would put our nation at risk, impacting our ability to investigate terrorist threats – even those which might be an immediate threat. In addition, FISA intelligence is frequently utilized to protect U.S. military forces and diplomatic missions from hostile action by terrorist networks. We cannot let our nation go unprotected against hostile terrorist entities. We must keep this authority, and I was proud to support this legislation today.

My Visit to Albany Stratton VA Medical Center

I visited the Albany Stratton VA Medical Center to receive an update on implementation of the Veteran Choice Program. Additionally, I wanted to learn more about the claims process and what Congress can do to help increase efficiency. Our veterans earned their benefits and deserve to receive quality care. This is a constant priority of mine and should be for Congress during 2018.

Rebuilding America’s Infrastructure

America’s infrastructure is in desperate need of fresh investment. Our roads and bridges are crumbling, while rural communities remain underserved by broadband services. I joined my colleagues in the Problem Solvers Caucus in unveiling a plan to rebuild our infrastructure.

This plan is a common-sense approach to one of our nation’s most immediate problems. A copy of the Problem Solvers Caucus plan is here.

I was encouraged to see the inclusion of my proposal to create a national infrastructure bank in the plan. That plan was introduced in Congress as H.R.3977 - Infrastructure Bank for America Act of 2017, which would create a private infrastructure bank as a method of investing in infrastructure.

I look forward to leveraging the ideas here in 2018 as Congress and the administration work together to rebuild America.

Promoting Conservation Practices in the Hudson Valley

Congresswoman Marcia Fudge (D-OH) and I introduced bipartisan legislation to improve conservation programs for farmers and to increase accountability for American taxpayers. This bill would give USDA the tools and authority to measure, evaluate, and report on federal conservation program outcomes so that they better serve family farmers, protect natural resources, and provide a greater return on investment for taxpayers.

Voluntary conservation efforts being implemented through the USDA are helping farmers make investments in conservation initiatives that protect natural resources and increase farm productivity.

I am proud that the bill has support from the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition, the American Farmland Trust, Taxpayers for Common Sense, and the National Wildlife Foundation. Find more details on the legislation on my website.

Making Progress: Honoring the Life and Service of Maurice Hinchey

I’m pleased that Senator Gillibrand and Senator Schumer are joining me and Representative Louise Slaughter in our effort to honor Rep. Maurice Hinchey. Senators Gillibrand and Schumer introduced a companion bill to name a post office in Saugerties after Rep. Hinchey. His lifetime of service is worthy of recognition and I’m encouraged by the progress. 

Sitting Down with Representatives from 1199SEIU

I met with representatives from 1199SEIU about recovery efforts in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Working with the Greater New York Hospital Association, members of 1199SEIU have made significant contributions to relief efforts.

Access to healthcare is a significant concern in these hurricane ravaged areas and I support efforts to help these communities recover.

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