District Work Week with Congressman Faso
September 22, 2017

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Veterans Fair in Oneonta Tomorrow

On September 23 I will be hosting a Veterans Fair at the Foothills Performing Arts Center in Oneonta from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. On hand will be an array of experts to help our vets with everything from getting the healthcare they need to career and employment assistance. The importance of getting help to our veterans as they transition back into their communities cannot be overstated – if you are a veteran or you know a veteran who might benefit from an event like this, please encourage them to attend. Our office stands ready to help.

The event will include experts who can help veterans obtain access to: Benefits, Disability Claims, Education, Choice Card, Eligibility, Healthcare, Employment, Housing, and more.

What: Veterans Assistance Fair
Where: Foothills Performing Arts Center, 24 Market St, Oneonta, NY 13820
When: Saturday, September 23, 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Who: Congressman Faso, his staff, and an array of experts to help our vets
Contact: (607) 746-9537

The Infrastructure Expansion Act

This week I introduced the Infrastructure Expansion Act to expand federal infrastructure funds in New York State. I introduced the legislation alongside industry and community leaders at a press conference in Albany. Here is what they had to say about this legislative effort:

John T. McDonald III, Member NYS Assembly 108th District: “New York State continues to be the only state in the nation to hold on to the outdated Scaffold Law in spite of the many worker safety actions secured by labor and government over several decades. This complex topic has caused a polarizing approach to addressing the high cost of construction which is unfortunate as public dollars invested in affordable housing, bridge repair, road replacement, clean water infrastructure and more are minimized to a degree by exorbitant insurance premiums. I will continue to work with my government colleagues at all levels of government to address this issue striving for greater transparency of insurance companies, safer worksites for employees and spending the public money on projects and not on premiums.”

Mike Elmendorf, President & CEO of the Associated General Contractors of New York State (AGC NYS): “New York’s construction industry applauds Congressman John Faso for his leadership and courage in introducing legislation to address at the federal level the manifest injustice and waste of the absolute liability standard of New York’s ‘Scaffold Law.’  The only-in-New York Scaffold Law has cost our state billions, needlessly driving up the cost of every construction project in the state, public and private, and undermining our ability to rebuild our roads, bridges, schools, communities and economy.  It has also been proven to actually make construction sites less safe.  Fixing this ridiculous law will protect taxpayers and all our citizens, the economy and construction workers.  Enough talk.  Enough waste.  Let’s get it done.”

Denise Richardson, Executive Director, The General Contractors Association of New York: “It is unfortunate that New York remains the only state in the union that suffers from a law crafted in and for another century.   It grossly distorts the cost of every facet of construction – unnecessarily doubling the cost of insurance -- and unfairly casting blame on one party whether deserved or not.   If reform can’t, or won’t come from Albany, then we applaud the effort by Congressman Faso to even the New York playing field with 49 other states.”

John Banks, President, Real Estate Board of New York: “For too long, the Scaffold Law has been a financial drain on infrastructure dollars. We thank Congressman Faso for his leadership and support his effort to reform this antiquated measure that stands in the way of New York’s ability to improve our aging infrastructure and maintain our competitive advantage.”

Heather C. Briccetti, Esq., President and CEO of The Business Council of New York State, Inc: “Reforming the antiquated, unjust, and costly Scaffold Law would immediately lower the cost of doing business in New York and make our state more competitive. Despite support in both state houses, reform legislation has yet to pass. That is why we applaud Congressman Faso for tackling this issue at the federal level. Scaffold Law reform is about fairness, and ensuring New York State businesses are able to compete with a level playing field. It is absurd that New York remains the only state in the union to hold businesses and government to absolute liability, even when there is clear negligence by the employee. Not only will this legislation drive down costs for federally-assisted construction projects in New York State, we are hopeful it will encourage state lawmakers to finally reform the law and apply to construction projects the same contributory negligence standards that apply to other types of claims in New York State. We thank Congressman Faso for his leadership and look forward to the bill’s passage.”

Jolie Milstein, President & CEO, New York State Association for Affordable Housing: “As New York's statewide housing crisis grows even more urgent, we urge all stakeholders to step up and enable more affordable housing production by finally reforming the Scaffold Law. Our state cannot fully address this crisis and support low- and middle-income New Yorkers unless we take every sensible step forward, including long-overdue Scaffold Law reform.”

Judith Nelson, President & CEO, Habitat for Humanity of New York State: “The Scaffold Law’s ‘absolute liability’ standard remains one of the biggest obstacles when it comes to affordable housing and disaster relief. After Superstorm Sandy we struggled to find insurance for our partners and volunteers. Changing these archaic laws will assist organizations like Habitat for Humanity with more viable and economical solutions to fulfilling the housing needs of New York’s families.”

Kathryn Wylde, President & CEO, Partnership for New York City: “As regions across the country look to improve transportation, roads, bridges and create new housing, we need creative ways to leverage public funding and encourage collaboration between the public and private sectors. The Infrastructure Expansion Act offers an important tool for overcoming some of the obstacles to efficient, cost effective construction of critical projects, such as the Gateway connection between New York and New Jersey, and is a safeguard against wasting taxpayer dollars.”

Peter A. Baynes, Executive Director, New York State Conference of Mayors (NYCOM):  "Rather than ensuring job safety, New York's Scaffold Law rewards a worker's unsafe actions. NYCOM supports any efforts, such as Congressman Faso's, to prohibit absolute liability and instead establish a comparative negligence standard for personal injury, property damage or wrongful death actions.  NYCOM applauds Congressman Faso for advancing legislation that would protect property taxpayers by creating a more equitable standard on federally-funded projects, holding workers who directly contribute to their injury liable for their proportionate share of fault."

Joshua Reap, Associated Builders & Contractors, Empire State Chapter: “Scaffold Law exists only here and does not make anyone safer. The draconian law doesn’t reflect the advances in safety, regulations and training that have happened since it was put into law over a century ago. Instead, Scaffold Law drives up costs and prevents a lot of construction from happening. Albany will continue to dance around this issue. Congressman Faso’s plan to exempt Scaffold Law on certain projects will bring some relief to the problem and could serve as a model for Albany politicians to follow.”

Tom Stebbins, Executive Director, Lawsuit Reform Alliance of New York: “For years we’ve been joined by advocates representing every facet of New York’s economy – from hospitals, to school boards, to mayors – to urge the legislative fix to the Scaffold Law’s money wasting inequities. As our state is in the midst of a transportation infrastructure crisis it is time to put politics aside and finally get rid of this legal abnormality. The flood of litigation the Scaffold Law attracts drives up costs on every construction project in the state while increasing the risk of work-site injury. The truth is, the law benefits no one except the personal injury trial lawyers that profit from lawsuits. We applaud Rep. Faso and Assemblyman McDonald for this bi-partisan effort to finally bring New York’s civil justice system in line with the other 49 states in the union.”

For information and an FAQ on the Infrastructure Expansion Act click here.

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Also, I did a radio interview with Susan Arbetter on Capitol Pressroom regarding the Infrastructure Expansion Act

Finally, I encourage you to read the op-ed I wrote on thelegislation, which was published in the New York Post on Wednesday.

Rep. John Faso: "Kill the crazy ‘Scaffold Law’ to help New York grow"

Residents of New York state continue to flee in droves, seeking jobs and lower taxes. The problem is worse in upstate New York because our area has been hit hard with job losses in manufacturing in recent decades and Albany imposes crippling mandates — state programs and regulations paid for in part using local revenue — resulting in the nation’s highest property-tax burden.

Albany just doesn’t get it. Even worse, state policies waste federal dollars — particularly when Washington helps pay for transportation and construction projects. ... Continue reading here.

Traveling Across New York's Beautiful 19th Congressional District

It was such a treat to spend my Tuesday morning in Hudson with some enthusiastic young students and their fathers for Hudson Intermediate School's "Dad's Take Your Child to School Day."

Over the weekend I participated in the "Out of the Darkness" walk in Catskill in advocacy of suicide prevention and awareness in Columbia and Greene counties.

On Monday I paid a visit to Greenville Central School and had the pleasure of engaging with some of the bright young future leaders of our country.

This week I got to part take in a roundtable discussion with a group which brings Russian delegations to the US as part of an effort to promote understanding between our two nations. The delegation was hosted in Sullivan county by the Liberty Rotary Club.

It was a pleasure it was to meet with constituents from St. Mary's Parish in Oneonta on Friday, and to talk about critical issues such as poverty and federal SNAP program funding.

On Friday I was given the honor of delivering remarks at the Oneonta Job Corps Graduation, and got the opportunity to tour their facilities.I applaud all involved with the Oneonta Job Corps for this worthy cause.

A Fair and Simple Tax Plan

Upstate New Yorkers understand the burden of a tax code that is too complex and takes too much from the family budget. I want to draw your attention to the Tax Reform Plan we have been working on in Congress. Learn more here or by clicking the image above.

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