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Week in Review

I met with SUNY New Paltz Study Abroad students Ediliana Estrella, Ayan Aghazada and their Study Abroad Advisor Catherine Collado. They also met with my staff to discuss the BRIDGE Act, which I cosponsored. The BRIDGE Act prevents the removal of those protected under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy.

I also met with Cindy Hamilton of Heritage Consulting. Cindy was the preservation consultant with affordable housing provider RUPCO on the Lace Mill project, an initiative which rehabilitated the former Ulster County textile mill into an affordable community of 55 live-work mixed units and 30,000 square feet of common area. Lace Mill was recognized this month by Preservation Action, the National Trust for Historic Preservation and the National Trust Community Investment Corporation for its use of the federal Historic Tax Credit program to complete the Kingston project. 

Teletown Hall Recap

On Monday evening I called 20,000 residents in the 19th District to discuss various topics of concern, from property taxes to healthcare to our environment. I appreciate everyone who participated in this thoughtful discussion on issues that matter to our community. Callers were invited to leave me a voicemail if we did not have time to answer their questions. I took the opportunity to answer a portion of the voicemails and posted the video to my YouTube channel. You can view the videos here.

Faso Cosponsors Climate Change Resolution

Joined by 16 of my Republican colleagues, I recently co-introduced a resolution that addresses the real impacts of man-made climate change and emphasizes the need to develop and create jobs with the goal of protecting our environment. It’s important that we work together to develop smart solutions such as clean-energy technology that will conserve our natural resources and protect our communities and infrastructure for future generations. Click here to read the bill text.

Budget Committee Refers AHCA to Rules Committee

On Thursday I joined a majority of Budget Committee members to approve a procedural step for the American Health Care Act. The purpose of this committee vote was straightforward: to assess whether the Energy and Commerce and Ways and Means committees had fulfilled the requirements laid out in the 2017 budget resolution the House debated and passed on January 13. In my opinion, and in the opinion of a majority of committee members, they had. The Budget Committee cannot amend the legislation under the rules of reconciliation; the committee merely determines whether it complied with the rules.

The American Health Care Act now heads to the House Rules Committee where additional changes are likely to occur in the legislation; it is expected that House floor action will take place next week. In the meantime, I will be monitoring the amendments and will continue to carefully review the legislation and gather input from constituents, providers, and small businesses about how this reform plan will affect them. I will remain focused on keeping what works in the ACA while offering improvements to fix what has failed too many of our fellow Americans. Given these circumstances, simply doing nothing is neither practical nor responsible.

House Budget Committee Markup | March 16, 2017

Watch the videos here or click the image above.

To read the text of the American Health Care Act click here.

Faso Joins Fox Business for Healthcare Update

This week I spoke to Fox Business about the American Health Care Act and how I’m fighting to keep what works and fix what is broken in the current healthcare law in order to provide hardworking families quality healthcare they can afford from a plan they trust:

On the Progress of the AHCA

“Obamacare is having grave problems all throughout the country, some places more so than others. Next, after reconciliation is accomplished, regulation has to change at the Department of Health and Human Services; Tom Price has already started doing that. But lastly, we’re going to have to negotiate with Democrats on a ‘third bucket,’ as Speaker Ryan calls it, to enact statutory changes that will be necessary to fix the insurance system.”

On Reaching Across the Aisle

“Well, I think a lot of Democrats are invested, even though as President Clinton said last year, he called Obamacare a crazy system which is penalizing working people and middle-class people all across the country. Look, I’ve said all along we need to fix what doesn’t work in Obamacare but keep what does work. Everyone agrees that we need to deal with people that have pre-existing conditions, kids on plans until they’re 26. There is no disagreement about that. But I think ultimately, right now, Democrats have dug their heels in, they don’t want to recognize that the system is collapsing in many respects, particularly the insurance regulatory system. We’re going to have to get to a point where we reach across party lines and negotiate a compromise on legislation that ultimately fixes this issue.”

On the CBO Analysis

“The trouble with that analysis is that it is a static analysis which considers the tax law changes and subsidy changes that are in the replacement plan against the existing insurance regulatory system, and as I said that system has to be changed in part by legislation and in part by regulation from HHS. That analysis is incomplete: If we were only going to do what is in this reconciliation bill now, I might actually agree with it but there has to be other changes that are brought about in the insurance regulatory system. What Obamacare did is it federalized insurance regulation. Historically, this has been better done at the state level but we need to make sure that there are funds at the state level and here’s where the plan will subsidize this: We have to subsidize those high-risk pools so that people that have pre-existing conditions or very high healthcare costs, that those costs are covered and that’s the key.”

To watch the interview, click here or click the image above.

Faso Discusses Budget Committee Vote on WKIP Radio

I spoke with Tom Sipos of 1450AM WKIP radio to discuss Thursday’s Budget Committee markup of the reconciliation bill and the path ahead for the American Health Care Act as well as President Trump's recently released budget proposal. To listen to the interview, click here or click the image above. 

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