Work Week with Congressman Faso
Table of contents
  • Comparing the House and Senate Tax Plans
  • Strengthening Accountability at the VA
  • America's Next Generation of Leaders
  • Steps to Support our Strongest Ally in the Middle East
  • Cutting-off Assistance to those who Incite Violence

Comparing the House and Senate Tax Plans

The whirlwind of news about the House and Senate tax proposals can make it confusing to figure out exactly what is in each plan. I remain concerned that both versions do not do enough to protect New York families. Ultimately, the elimination of the SALT deduction and the medical expense deduction remain two of my primary concerns. If we do not see significant changes to the tax reform proposal, I do not foresee changing my ‘no’ vote:

A complete chart comparing the House and Senate tax bills can be seen by clicking the picture below:

Strengthening Accountability at the VA

Our veterans deserve high-quality care from experienced and caring professionals. These are benefits that they have earned through their service and sacrifice to our country. Unfortunately, we’ve seen far too many incidents across the country that don’t meet an acceptable standard.

This week, the House passed new measures that will improve accountability and quality of care at VA medical centers. I was proud to support this bipartisan bill and ensure we are taking real steps to improve care for America’s veterans.

America’s Next Generation of Leaders

This past week, I met with the advisory board tasked with submitting recommendations for service academy nominations ahead of admission in June 2018.

The advisory board will play a critical role in selecting candidates to receive recommendations to our nation’s service academies. The crop of students up for consideration are exemplary candidates, and I am looking forward to submitting recommendations on their behalf. It would be an honor to serve a role, no matter how small, in the education of our nation’s next generation of leaders.

Steps to Support our Strongest Ally in the Middle East

I fully support the Administration’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and relocation of our embassy as we continue to work towards peace in that region. The six-month delay will allow this process to continue as we assess security and other considerations. The Israeli’s consider Jerusalem to be their capital city. 

US policy for over 20 years has supported establishing our embassy there.  If Palestinians riot and cause mayhem over the placement of an embassy, then I truly wonder if they’ll ever be ready to be part of a two-state solution to resolve outstanding issues in the region.

Cutting-off Assistance to Those who Incite Violence

This week, the House unanimously passed the Taylor Force Act, which was named for a U.S. citizen murdered by a Palestinian terrorist. This legislation prohibits U.S. foreign assistance money from going to the Palestinian Authority until it is certified that the PA stops the practice of issuing payments to the families of recently deceased terrorists.

The Palestinian Authority sends a terrible message by subsidizing the families of recently deceased terrorists. The subsidies are a direct contrast to the interests of peace. I am glad the House came together to send a unified and bipartisan message that America is committed to peace in the region.

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